HySynergy Fase II rykker et skridt nærmere

Everfuel har 7. februar offentliggjort, at Energinet har givet positiv tilkendelsegivels eomkring brintfabrikken HySynergy Fase II:


The Danish TSO, Energinet has positively assessed Everfuel’s request for a 350MW power connection for Phase II of the HySynergy power-to-X (PtX) plant in Fredericia, Denmark.

Phase I of the 20 MW PtX plant is currently under construction and is planned to be scaled to 300MW by 2025. Moving towards the approval of being able to connect the 350 MW power connection to a nearby 150kV transformer station is a vital step in realising Phase II of the PtX plant.

The next step towards getting the approval from Energinet is the so-called pre-construction agreement which will also start the materialisation of the grid connection.

The flexibility of the PtX plant brings new possibilities for the TSO on how to balance the grid. In peak times where the PtX plant is running at full load and a grid fault occurs, the PtX plant can be curtailed almost instantly and free up the reserve capacity of the grid and avoid any grid overloads. This will likely be one of the tools in the toolbox for the grid operator to operate the grid during and after the transition to 100% renewable energy.

“The undertaking of the 350MW power connection to HySynergy Phase II is an exciting next step in materializing the PtX ambitions in Denmark. The Danish Government’s new PtX strategy requires substantial investments in the grid infrastructure, but we are pleased with Energinet’s screening report stating that the grid will be ready for connecting the 350MW. Once the PtX plant is operational it will contribute considerably to better utilise the Danish renewable energy resources,” says Uffe Borup, CTO at Everfuel.

“It is an important step on the way to making the Danish PtX ambitions come true. It paves the way for more climate friendly fuels for the mobility sector of the future,” says Finn Schousboe, CEO at Crossbridge Energy A/S.

It is expected that the grid connection can be operational late 2024 or early 2025, which is well aligned with first electrolyser installation in HySynergy Phase II.