Crossbridge Energy A/S is owned by Crossbridge Energy Partners, a US platform which seeks to play an active role in the green transition by transitioning traditional energy plants away from producing energy from fossil raw materials towards being based on green feedstocks.

The refinery in Fredericia is thus already certified to be able to co-process, for example, rapeseed oil or UCO.

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The refinery today

The refinery in Fredericia is one of the world's most energy-efficient refineries. Energy efficiency is obviously a key parameter as using less energy in production also means lower CO2 emissions.

As the supplier of more than a third of all liquid fuels consumed in Denmark, which also exports corresponding quantities by ship, Crossbridge Energy A/S has a workforce of approx. 270 employees. An additional 100 external subcontractors also assist in a wide spectrum of professions, ranging from electricians and blacksmiths to contractors and specialists.

Crossbridge Energy opened an actual development department in 2021 with a view to the green conversion of production facilities. The company also collaborates with a number of partners on, for example, hydrogen production, carbon projects and more.




The refinery – history

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The American Crossbridge Energy Partners platform took over ownership of the refinery in Fredericia on 1 July 2021 with the ambition of making it part of the green future.

For Crossbridge Energy A/S, this means focusing on greener solutions; in liquid fuels, energy efficiency and development.

The company also collaborates with external partners on green hydrogen and the potential for green carbon for future feedstocks when crude oil is phased out of production. A number of derivative development areas in surplus energy and elsewhere are also in progress.

Being the supplier of over 35% of Danish liquid fuel requirements for aircraft, ships and land transport makes the Crossbridge Energy refinery a natural focal point for the green transition.

We thus produce 10,000 tons for both the Danish domestic market and export, every day.

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The refinery was inaugurated on 19 August 1966 and has a long and firmly established culture of working with liquid fuels and the safety mindset that this requires.

Crossbridge Energy handles all pipelined Danish North Sea oil for the Danish Underground Consortium (DUC) partners and is a significant stakeholder in securing supply to the Danish market.

Fuels of the future


Crossbridge Energy A/S took over the refinery in Fredericia and its associated Trading & Supply activities as of 1 July 2021 and will be taking the refinery into a greener future.

Crossbridge Energy A/S will continue the development of green hydrogen, advanced biofuels and co-processing. The refinery is already in the process of restructuring the plant towards a greener future. These developments will continue.

Developments include reusing excess oil for greener refining processes, plans to develop the refinery's options for co-processing renewable raw materials and investigating the potential to produce advanced biofuels.

One example is looking into how we can transform waste into something we can use, such as by using used motor oil and sludge from ships to produce energy. As for biofuels, we need to do more work towards the processing of vegetable diesel oils.

Crossbridge Energy A/S will continue its collaboration with Everfuel to establish a 300 MW electrolysis and PtX plant next to the refinery, which will produce hydrogen from predominantly renewable energy in the refinery area.

Our vision and mission

Making a better future by bringing new energy to our region
Accelerating the development of sustainable energy solutions
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