Regarding the fire at Crossbridge Energy in Fredericia on 17 December 2022

8. February 2023


On the morning of 17 December 2022, a fire broke out at the refinery in Fredericia. The fire was quickly brought under control with the help of Crossbridge Energy's own fire brigade and Trekantbrand. The most severe part of the fire occurred within the first few minutes and the entire fire was extinguished in just 45 minutes. Less than two hours later, the fire alarm was turned off, and Crossbridge Energy could resume deliveries from the terminal area in front of the refinery, so that tankers could once again deliver petrol, diesel, and other products to the Danish filling stations. Fire trucks from Trekantbrand could also leave the refinery within two hours.


The fire occurred in a pipe system within the production plant itself in connection with a routine cleaning of a pump. In connection with the cleaning a leak occurred. As the oil in the pipeline was hotter than 350 degrees, it self-ignited when it was released into open air.


Investigations have shown that the leak occurred when a valve failed to close tight, even though it was closed. The operator acted quickly, efficiently, and as intended by getting himself to safety, sounding the alarm and immediately participating in putting out the fire.


Crossbridge Energy takes the incident very seriously and therefore a major internal evaluation and investigation of the matter was initiated, so that similar accidents can be avoided in the future. Employee safety is at the core of our work. Happily no one was hurt despite the leak.


Due to the accident, the design and structure of the facility will be changed so that additional safety barriers are introduced. This includes, among other things, an extra valve and instruments which will indicate whether there is flow in the pipe sections.

Finally, we are also reviewing our safety procedures to ensure they are optimized to avoid accidents and eliminate risk.


Thanks to the dedicated and exemplary efforts of the refinery's employees and close partners, Crossbridge Energy was able to resume production in the unaffected facilities within a few days and has thus been able to produce at approx. 80 percent of normal capacity. Repair work on the affected parts of the plant is well under way, and it is expected that the refinery will be back at full production capacity before the end of March 2023.